Immigrant Youth Groups Urge Obama “Don’t Deport the Children Seeking Asylum at the Border”


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Immigrant Youth Groups Urge Obama

“Don’t Deport the Children Seeking Asylum at the Border”

 When: Thursday, July 3, 2014

Where: Placita Olvera Downtown

845 N Alameda St

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Time: 11:00 AM

Contact: Luis Serrano (818) 277-3343

 CALIFORNIA: In the wake of troubling reports that President Obama will seek to weaken a 2008 law that protects refugee children in order to speed up the deportations of youth fleeing violence, immigrant youth groups are allies are expressing outrage and urging the President to change course.

 Thursday’s event also comes days after a group of anti-immigrants flooded the streets of Murrieta, CA in efforts to block buses carrying hundreds of  children that have fled to the U.S. seeking refugee status and asylum. These are the very same extremist groups that President Obama is caving into by trying to make changes to a law that protects immigrant children at the border to step up deportations of refugees.

The President is refusing to acknowledge that these kids qualify for refugee status under international law, and are also protected under a law that was passed in 2008 to protect immigrant children that are picked up at the border. The law requires Border Patrol Agents to hand kids over to the Department of Health and Human Services, and not to be deported at a faster speed.

Obama’s efforts to make a negative change to these policies are unacceptable, and his refusal to uphold current asylum protections for these children adds to growing anger over the President’s record 2 million deportations. After denying the immigrant community in our asks for him to use his executive power to end deportations, and expand deferred action, the President is now trying to use those same Executive Powers he said he didn’t and couldn’t have to deport these children.

The California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance demand that the President do the following: Grant these children refugee status under international and US law, do not expand Detention Centers to House them, use his Executive Power in order to stop all deportations, and expand Deferred Action.

“It is horrible how the President is taking matters into making this a political issue rather than a humanitarian issue. Bush was more considerate about these children. It is sad to see Obama take the route of right wing politicians.” Mercedes Montano from Dream Team LA.  

“I thought that Obama was willing to move in a positive direction, especially after Republicans refused to work on anything that improves the conditions of immigrants in this country. But I was proved wrong, Obama is now moving in the same direction as the right wing is, he is trying to speed up deportations, and have these kids be sent back to a place where they might die.” - Luis Serrano from CIYJA.


Visuals: Banners, bull horns, chants



(CIYJA) Is a statewide undocumented youth led migrant alliance made up of several groups that advocate for the humane treatment, and rights of immigrants.

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